Publishers Weekly Notices Poetry E-Magazines

This just out...

"Poetry books are still far from mass consumer products, but just as the language in which poems are written is ever evolving, poetry's capacity to find its readership is adapting to and flourishing with the new medium."

Well, yeah, okay...

Been saying this since 2002. I am a little surprised this story avoids Nthposition, which has had over 500,000 hits several years before many sites named and whose archive of poems is second-to-none (okay, we don't have Paul Muldoon).

Anyway, I am glad the legit paper press is starting to read the writing on the screen.

Of course podcasting poetry is the future-as-here, beyond even online text.

British poetry publishers, and poets (notoriously net-shy) should prepare for this, and start working with people who have been able to aid and abet the transition from magazine to e-magazine, from book to e-book, so that both books in the hand and books online can thrive in a mutually sustainable way.


Kevin said…
We've since learned, from Craig's own blog, that he knew little of the poetry publishing world, especially poetry blogs, at the time of writing. Following comments on his post, and much debate around the 'Net (including my own blog), i think he's learned his lesson.

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