Awesome, Totally Awesome

David McGimspey, arguably Canada's funniest (ever) poet (but he's more than that, too) has edited an issue of Matrix (#73), arguably Canada's hippest literary journal - featuring, arguably (okay, okay, let's just agree to disagree) many of the leading thrilling cool writers / poets out there today, in Canadaland - such as: Arjun Basu, Jason Camlot, Mary Crosbie, Nick LoLordo, Jennifer LoveGrove, Eva Moran, Paul Vermeersch, Alessandro Porco and Ali Riley (and me, too) - some of them familiar to readers of Eyewear aka TS Review.

McGimpsey has titled the issue the Awesome issue - and why not? It is.

For more online info go to

[the image here is of the great Japanese Olympic gold skater Shizuka Arakawa and is also awesome]


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