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International Poetry Reading Today


new poem

 C rucifixum docet veritatem I am there now, the place where I can say to you directly What the tricks of language Can hinder or form, I know that to keep it interesting Is the price of attention, you go Variously across the field, It’s a show, and a tell, but the main fact Is talking, some sharing, a gesture Out to another, maybe a friend Who is not even real, yet, An apparition of apprehension, Expected attendee at the imaginary Reading in the heaven of elsewhere, That place without pornography, Alcohol, violence, pills, and screaming; That ice palace of peace, unlike any Genuine mind, I am on the boil, A lobster reddening, on ferocious Pain attention, it’s all apart now, Break it open, and they mock it up, The they are you, and elseward to the world, You know I am hated, have felt that slap; Have been kicked to the concrete And licked a boot; had a cigarette appoint Itself its red dragon my maker; Thank you, masters of the cruel quickening; I know now a meaning, a need Greater than


  NOVEMBER 2021   War is coming or maybe it has begun just like somewhere   it is already the sun over the banners just like Bannon   is never alone so long as there is a phone; plans percolate;   waters rise, small nations drown; deafening tanks blitz a bit in the Eastern part of town   and all Mrs Kane's pieces begin to fit; destiny is on a date with a modern Kaiser;   the West bides its time not wanting to blurt havoc and let the dogs out   just yet; no one wants guerre when they can enjoy butter; but errors happen, Chief,   as do impactful mental states; the great men of history may have downsized a tad,   though hypersonic threats move past mortal disbelief to break a lot of conference plates.