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I Saw The Figure Five

Dennis Hopper Has Died

Leslie Scalapino Has Died

Broken Laws

Featured Poet: James Brookes

So who are the Young British Poets?

Edoardo Sanguineti Has Died

Laws Unto Himself

Gary Coleman Has Died

Speaking of anthologies...



TV Eye

Austerity Brownjohn


Asian Cha

The Modern Poets' World

Go To The Clinic

Guest Review: Brookes On Please

Lost Booker, Lost Chance

Pamela Green Has Died

Nothin' On You

Vera Farmiga Appreciation Society

The Rest on The Flight


Strange New Life

Philip Gross & Young British Poets At Oxfam

Guest Review: Naomi On Robertson

Old Robin Hood

Marksist Literature

Guest Review: Lehrman on Grubb

The Humpback's Wail

Featured Poet: Declan Ryan

Men Without Women

Chapman On The New Doctor Who

David Chaloner Has Died

Clegg Up

Take Your Time, Don't Be Late

Featured Poet: Christopher Horton

The Kingston Readers' Festival

Can't Get No Satisfaction

Democracy In Action!

Flambard Is 20

Published Poet, Small Press

A Poem On The Eve of the Election