I didn't coin the phrase "psychofascism" - Reynolds in 1974 seems to have - and a few bloggers have used it since.  But I am one of the first to use it to describe the development of a new kind of leader - part-dictator, part-madman, such as we see in Libya, whose sole claim to power is that they claim power - the violent political version of the C-list celebrities famous for being famous.  Libya was of course an Italian colony.  Italo Balbo, afetr a violent pacification, put the Libyans under the jackboot of Il Duce.

The original fascist control of Libya was not insane - it was dictated by economics and an imperialist agenda.  However, and sadly, Mussolini's murderous fascism has now transformed - and colonialism does this - the liberator into a menace.  Libya has had an unusually bloody history, even by 20th century standards.

There is no likelihood of less blood in the sand any time soon.  Britain should intervene, perhaps with the Americans, and the EU, to aid the people seeking freedom.  At the least, weapons and food should be dropped into the Eastern Free Libyan zone.  Will this happen?  Probably not, unless the "genocide" becomes jaw-dropping.

[note: this post edited after a timely and informative comment, see below]


P. M. Doolan said…
I think you have made an error - Italian rule overthrown in 1969? Italian rule ended for good in 1943, when the British defeated combined Italian/German forces. The Italians had controlled Libya for all of 32 years, the fascists for 21 years. The Turks had controlled it before that time for over 400 years. Libya has been independent since 1951.

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