A love poem by Todd Swift, from Mainstream Love Hotel

Ivo, Marianopolis, 1984

Like rain, desiring, the Cocteau Twins
return, bringing that cold sadness
again: sweet as a bare shoulder, lost
pain, an ice flavoured as your skin,
which was, summertime, the toast
of my tongue, trying to barely possess
your black boy-cut bangs as they ran
like water in mythic April showers –
you and your cherry Docs, alley-dancing,
your lips as untouched as the Rhodes
I forfeited for high style, laughing gas;
A. Alvarez mourns that no one reads I.A.
Richards anymore, but I do, and we did –
shivering, music like kisses: recollection. 


Poetry Pleases! said…
Dear Todd

Lovely poem! Being as straight as a proverbial ruler, I can't really send you a Valentine but I do wish you a very happy day.

Best wishes from Simon
Natalia S said…
The key image for me is surely Cocteau Twins, which instantly brings a bitter-sweet sensation of Indian summer, piercing "memento more" in the moment of happiness. It helps the poem not to flow into unbearably sweet pinacolada but makes of it a proper daiquiri. Absolutely like it.
Unknown said…
Love black-cut boy bangs. Great poem.

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