Forest Witless

The Times has a good editorial today questioning the symbolic and practical value of the Tory-led government selling off the nation's trees.  I have to say, if this goes ahead, it will have one (unintended) positive result - it will render the Coalition unelectable in future.  Such a tone-deaf, myopic and small-minded bit of Gradgrindery is tantamount to the Sheriff of Nottingham's "cancel Christmas!" - but even he didn't strip Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest.


Poetry Pleases! said…
Dear Todd

The ConDem coalition has already taken some truly appalling decisions, but in my opinion this is probably the worst. So much for their 'green' credentials. With any luck it will be their poll-tax moment and the straw that ultimately breaks their back.

Best wishes from Simon
your damn right. when will the lunacy cease!

- <3 Famous Poetry about life

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