Just One Book or from Zero to Hero

Dear friends and supporters of Eyewear - it might sadden or amuse you to learn that my book from 2007, Winter Tennis, sold 0 copies this year.  Yes, that's right - 0.  I just got the news today in the form of a statement.  Sigh.  Well, there is one copy still in stock at Amazon.com - so, I ask you, out there, eyewearers, to buy "just one book" of mine this week, and move me from zero to hero when next year's sales report comes in.  Just think of the effect your purchase will instantly have on my morale.  And, besides, it is a very good book, if I do say so myself.  Also available direct from the publishers in Canada.


John Jordan said…
I feel you man. I have an album out from last year. Sold all of 3 copies online. It's a hard world out there.
John - that makes me feel better, oddly enough - though sorry to hear it. What's it called? t
Anonymous said…
Tony Lewis-Jones writes:

This is an incredible statistic, and a true reflection of where Poetry is today - it speaks a whole volume in itself, TS, it really does.

What can I say to encourage you at this point (I already have the book, indeed we reviewed it very favourably on the mag as I remember)- news from Bewrite is that their e-book sales have really taken off as a result of a new distribution deal - I'm awaiting my quarterly royalties statement with a certain amount of self-interested zeal. I know for a fact that your blog is widely read by a number of people whose approval you might be happy to have, and not only in London. Websites/the Web are the undoubted future for Poetry, there is no other conclusion to be drawn,I think, much as I like books.
Ian Brinton said…
When Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell (more familiarly known now as the Bronte sisters!) was published in 1846 it sold two copies. Time is a great healer!
Anonymous said…
just out of curiosity how many copies has it sold previously?
john jordan lol try harder man

~ <3 Famous Poetry about life <3~
It sold well when it first came out, thanks - probably a little less than 750 but around that, I believe.
Tom said…
Hi Todd,
750 is very good, though obviously frustrating that it's fizzled out.
If it's any consolation (probably not), I've just received the sales report for my debut collect, and despite positive reviews and my own famed predilection for self-promotion, it has sold poorly.
Keep your chin up mate,
Kiss My Art said…
Dear Todd

I have to confess that I smiled when I read that. (Not out of malice but from sympathy and fellow-feeling.) Probably best not to give up the day job just yet!

Best wishes from Simon

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