Los Boys

The news that "Los 33" managed their outstanding feats of survival with the help of some Mary Jane, porn, and dreams of inflatable sex dolls, while certainly a bit rock and roll, does rather reduce their moral stature - or does it?  It does raise a troubling question - why do men, locked in darkness a mile below the crust, require depictions of raw sex to keep their spirits alive?  Is love not enough, as Depeche Mode once sang?  I cannot imagine 33 women requiring pornography in such a situation - can you?


Poetry Pleases! said…
Dear Todd

Yes! It is a little known fact that women are every bit as licentious as men. They are just far better at hiding it.

Best wishes from Simon
richard lopez said…
one of the best books i've read about sex, desire, love and porn is TALK DIRTY TO ME: AN INTIMATE PHILOSOPHY OF SEX by sallie tisdale. tisdale writes with candor about her own sexuality and is a validation of being human, i think. even with tisdale's writings about sex i've no idea if women would fantasize about blow up dolls or even fantasize as men do but i believe that women do lust as mightily as men do, but differently. as the poet thom gunn once wrote, 'we are the same in different ways/we are different in the same way'. sex makes love, sex makes babies, the desire for sex makes sex, and sex helps create, in the phrase of joyce, the consciousness of our human race(s). and maybe if the 33 women were like tisdale they might indeed need porn to survive too.
Natalia S said…
Strongly agree with Simon :) How do you think Sapho survived in her island? I doubt that 33 women would use Mary Jane though.

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