The Failure To Monetise

The Internet doesn't really work for selling poetry, or does it?  Or is it just me?  Eyewear has hundreds of followers, loyal readers, and other lurkers - and has served a community with diligence for more than half a decade.  So - what happened when, almost a week ago, I asked for one person - anyone, anywhere, in wintertime - to buy the lone copy of Winter Tennis, at - so that this year my sales statement would read 1, not nil?  Well, what happened, is, nada.  No one decided to put Eyewear out of its misery, and buy the damn copy.  No units moved.  No sale.  Sucka.  This really peeves me.  The Internet is a place for giving and taking, freely - for grazing animals.  When it comes to putting money where one's mouth is, forgetaboutit.  I want to see this book sold by Valentine's Day, or Eyewear gets it.