Waiting For Godiva

As has been noted elsewhere on the net, there's a link between Lady Gaga and Lady Godiva - though the earlier lady sought to pass unseen though naked, covered herself with her long tresses, and was only spotted by Peeping Tom - and acted for the good of her people.  It is likely that Gaga partly based her name on that of the famous woman of nakedness, though.

And now Gaga has shown up at the blank other end of that spectrum, the red carpet of the MTV awards - as far from Coventry's middle ages and over-taxation as seems imaginable - covered only in meat.  As this was yesterday's news, I don't want to dwell on what such a statement means - indeed, the semiotics of Gaga seems a tad 80s as a time-waster.  We know she is mass figure, we know she seeks attention, we know she claims to be an artist.  I am more interested in the great big what next that faces all artists of her size and wealth and fame - she is, in a sense, the new Hirst.

One can only deploy so many rotting carcasses - what else can she conceive of?  Body modification?  Mutilation?  Madonna, a deeper person, began to transform her inner self - becoming a mother ('Ray of Light') and later a seeker after mystic truths.  It may be time for Gaga (soon, not yet we assume) to look beyond the sheer surface spectacle of clothing and nudity for her chic Warholian garb.  Peeping Tom may go blind with boredom otherwise.


I have already gone blind with boredom on account of Lady Gaga. The lady isn't even sexy any more, just displaying a weird kinky style!

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