A Mazer Grace: new poem by Ben Mazer

An Eyewear tradition continues.  Yet again - a new Sunday poem by Ben Mazer.  Enjoy.


I think therefore I thank
your think tank.
You drink and when you drank
you drank your own think tank.
These think tanks gush like oil.
This think tank is a patsy.
Watch how this oil will boil.
This think tank's artsy fatsy.
This think tank's unresponsive.
The pose it strikes is pensive.
But no one is at home.
Just Oz in a perfect dome.
No one cares about poetry.
This is joking territory.
This is market testing.
Not love nor beauty questing.
Not beauty everlasting.

poem by Ben Mazer


Erik Lomen said…
Hello, i met Ben at the poetry marathon in Cambridge and Im trying to find his email...if you have it would you forward it to elomen@gmail.com cheers, erik

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