More On Moore

This in by email from the poet and scholar Peter Riley on my recent post on Nicholas Moore:

"His copyright is now owned by Cambridge University Library,  who hold a large archive of his manuscripts and typescripts. A book of  his last poems, Lacrimae Rarum is available from me (through Amazon  if people want to) at £4 plus postage -- I think the poems in that are very fine.  No one should have to pay £100 for Longings of the  Acrobats even if it is out of print; that's not a valid rare-book  price, it's the work of an Amazon Market-place Shark, of which there seem to be increasing numbers. They work on the basis of charging  enormous amounts for anything which they think is unavailable. There's a poem sequence by him in the  latest issue (no.3) of The Cambridge Literary Review -- evidence that  there is still some interest."


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