The Wire

I just completed watching all five seasons of The Wire, the American urban crime drama from HBO.  You have likely heard of it, or seen it - it is a favourite among writers and poets, I've noticed.  I won't rave here for long, except to say, I believe it to be the finest piece of television drama ever made, except for Brideshead Revisited (which was, after all, briefer and based on a classic novel).  The complexity of the characterisation and multiple plots over many seasons, and the commitment to exploring socio-political issues is remarkable - but the ability to balance high-brow intelligence with street level accuracies, genre-busting ironies, pitch-perfect acting, and never-subsiding suspense, is unique.  The Wire is a permanent masterwork, the Citizen Kane of the small screen.  Utterly moving, enthralling, hilarious, upsetting, bleak, and yet curiously inspiring (there is always a bit of light in the darkness) I envy those who still have these many hours ahead of them.  It is Good TV.