Take Note: Shearsman 2011 Reading Series


The first event in Shearsman's 2011 Reading Series takes place on Tuesday, 18 January at 7:30 pm, and features 

Kelvin Corcoran and Michael Heller

The venue is

Swedenborg Hall
Swedenborg House
20/21 Bloomsbury Way
London WC1A 2TH

Admission is free.

Some future dates:

Tuesday 15 February (Carrie Etter & JL Williams)
Tuesday 1 March (launch of the Ground Aslant anthology, ed. Harriet Tarlo)
Tuesday 5 April (anniversary reading, & magazine launch)
Tuesday 3 May (Cralan Kelder & tbc)
Tuesday 7 June (D.S. Marriott & tbc)