Epidemic Proportions

The latest influenza figures for Britain are to be released today - and it is expected they will indicate a surge in serious illness and deaths related to the H1N1 virus, currently the primary 'flu circulating, at epidemic proportions in the UK.  Vaccines are low.  Healthy younger people under 65 are most-affected.  Will this be the crisis feared and predicted in 2009, or will it peak with relatively few fatalities?  It seems odd not to keep schools closed a week or two, to let the seasonal virus settle.


Anonymous said…
Tony Lewis-Jones writes:

As you know TS, a poet has to earn a living, and one of my roles with my current employer was working on the Swine-Flu Help-line back in Summer 2009. The problem now, as then, is that the mere mention of Swine-Flu seems to turn people hysterical, like some Middle-Ages Plague. I can't say too much about the work we did on the Help-line due to the confidential nature of the role, but it would not at all surprise me if the Swine-Flu virus does emerge again as a headline grabber in a generally slow time for news.