Want to feel old?  It is the 10th anniversary of Wikipedia - which, among other things, is proof of a poet's existence in the 21st century (don't believe me? - Google and see how many poets are listed there - know any to request the pages be taken down?).  Meanwhile, The Simpsons first aired on this day in 1990 - 21 years ago.  If proof was ever needed that zany, post-modern, and cutting edge American culture has long since gone so mainstream as to render the very idea of post-modern pop culture toothless, well, look no further than this show.  I turn 45 this year (in April), and am now on the verge of (if not already tumbled over into) what is surely "middle age".  I was 20 (that sublime age) 25 years ago - in other words, a quarter of a century ago, and no matter if I wear jeans, runners, and baseball caps, I cannot hold back time.  We are no longer young - even those of us so embedded in, penetrated by, dazzled with, and intermediated via, new media and whizz-bang-savvy stuff.  What's next?  Surely not another 9 years of Bart and Homer?


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