So which is it Mr. Cameron?

This past week, David Cameron has been talking up his "grenade" being thrown at the NHS, as if it were the kindest cut of all.  He has spoken of his respect for the doctors and nurses, and love of what the great institution does, while also pushing for a massive change of direction, so big "it can be seen from space".  Indeed, the NHS has never been remade so completely in its 60+ year history.  At heart, along with allowing private health providers much more access to the market, is the demanagementising of the system, with groups of GPs replacing managers to run the NHS in local clots.  Never mind that GPs are doctors, not public planners.  Mr Cameron has been evangelical about the ability of the GPs to handle this big ask.  So, what to make of today's news, that GPs bungled their ordering of flu jabs so badly this year, it is being recommended that the government resume running the yearly influenza vaccination programme itself.  This seems a warning sign, at the very least.  If GPs can't handle running even one national health matter properly, how will they not bungle running the whole NHS?  I want a second opinion.


Steven Waling said…
"Clots" just about describes this Government.
Kiss My Art said…
Dear Todd

In Sunday's Telegraph, Matthew D'Ancona said that right-wing Tories should stop whining because they atre getting every single thing they wanted through the ConDem coalition. I wish it weren't true but I fear that it is.

Best wishes from Simon
Castors said…
Mr Cameron has been evangelical