Eyewear At The Eliots

Spending time among firs and mountains in sub-zero Nordic conditions puts poetry competitions blessedly out of mind, and in touch with what makes poetry sing originally - the elements confronted by the human body. Returning to London, I attended the TS Eliot awards tonight, and was pleased to hear that my favourite poetry collection of 2010, White Egrets, won. It is to be hoped The Guardian fixes its link soon, as there was no poet Brian Roberston up for an award, but rather Robin Robertson.


Maysa said…
Dear Todd Swift,

good to hear from you.
I have tried to send a couple of emails, but they all returned to me. I don't know what the problem is.

Anyaway... now I find your blog and it is among my favorite ones.

Unfortunatelly, I had to stop my research for a while because of some private problems.
But I am ready to go over it again now.
I was thinking of spending some time up there, in Canada. It will facilitate my research, since it is hard to get the bibliographical material here in Brazil, but I don't have enough financial support for that.
Do you think I could get any scholarship for that?

Also, it will be a great pleasure to meet you in person.

Let's stay in touch. If you feel like, you can answer to my new email address:

Best regards, Maysa.
Kiss My Art said…
Dear Todd

This is a decision that no one can possibly argue with. Derek Walcott had his 81st birthday a couple of days ago and is still writing poetry at the very summit of his powers. What a wonderful birthday present for him!

Best wishes from Simon