Patricia Neal Has Died

Sad news.  Oscar-winning Patricia Neal has died.  She acted in a number of films, but stands out in Hud, co-starring with Paul Newman.  Hud is one of the great films, and one of Eyewear's favourites.  Neal was married to the writer Roald Dahl, and divorced him finally after a marital betrayal on his part.  She had important roles in The Fountainhead and The Day The Earth Stood Still, and a classic episode of The Waltons.  She suffered a stroke in her late 30s and overcame disability to act again.  She will be missed.  She had a rare quality.


Sue Guiney said…
Patricia Neal was a longtime resident of Martha's Vineyard, the place where I spend my summers. She was really our "grand dame," a marvelously generous woman who was forever giving of her time and energies to the community - despite her failing health. She was seen at an important charity event just the other week. The world will miss her, but for our small island, her loss is immeasurable. Thanks for mentioning her here.