In Poor Taste

The introduction into the Australian election of an "after the Queen's death" scenario is tacky and tasteless.  Either republicanism in Australia has the courage of its convictions or not, but such wishy-washy hypotheticals as this simply are rude and meaningless.


Anonymous said…
I don't agree Todd.

I think it's a very sensible way of going about things. Why should some multimillionaire aristocrat be the head of state of a country 12000 miles away?

When she is dead, the monarchy should just retire from public life. They are not needed and the original Labour principle was to abolish the house of lords, but the sell-out kids and grandkids of the founding socialists, don't have the same principles and would rather fawn over pple born with a silver spoon and subsidised by the taxpayer.

Why should the Windsors be the biggest welfare recipients in the UK? It isn't fair.