My Voyage In Art

Not mine, actually, but Michael Lawrence's.  Lawrence is a fascinating, multi-talented painter, sculptor, and writer, based on the Greek island of Hydra, where he has his studio.  Lawrence, widely collected by Hollywood types like Oliver Stone, was greatly influenced by his mother and father, who were, if not Hollywood royalty, then within the palace walls: his father was famous film noir actor Marc Lawrence, who often played memorable heavies; and his mother was novelist-screenwriter Fanya Foss.  They moved to Italy in the 50s, and befriended many European and expat artists and actors there.  Returned to LA as a teen, Michael went to high school with Jim Morrison, of The Doors.  Lawrence's exuberant, joyous, playful, and colourful paintings, prints, sketches, and watercolours are inspired by Fellini, Tati, and in general represent a carnivalesque vision, referencing poetry, film, and other cultural signposts, as well as the sunny, sometimes erotic, lifestyle of the Greek islands.  He is an artist worth getting to know.  His book, My Voyage in Art, is a good intro to the man and his work.