Eyewear For Ed

Eyewear voted Lib Dem in the last general election in Britain - and may do so again - but currently favours a greener party.  Meanwhile, two brothers go to war over the leadership of Labour - Dave and Ed.  Simply put, Dave is the candidate Blair wants, and Cameron fears, most; Ed is leaning to the "older Labour" supporters.  I think Labour should go into a clarifying and cleansing period of opposition, with Ed.  Ed was against (nominally) the Iraq War.  He represents a break with the spin and cynicism of New Labour.  He stands for more than a compromise the middle class voters can live with.  Ed may make Labour unelectable.  But I doubt that.  If The Coalition proves as unpleasant as it looks to be, then plenty of voters will be ready to swing back to a new middle ground - one with just that extra bit of sensitivity to the less-well-off in society.