Featured Poet: Isabel Galleymore

Eyewear is very glad to welcome poet Isabel Galleymore (pictured) this sunny day in late-autumnal London.

Galleymore has an MLitt in Creative Writing from the University of St Andrews where she pursued her interest in writing with an ecological focus. She is planning to become writer-in-residence for a "green" poetry project based in London next year, and hopes to continue her studies towards a PhD in the near future.

Her poems have been performed at The Royal Festival Hall, Somerset House and published in The Guardian and Agenda and online. Her poem 'Turn Of Phrase' is featured in the current issue of Poetry Review

A Drama Class
When James was cast as the mouse from the town
after I'd been made the country mouse
our schoolroom love was confirmed – we were
a couple stepping from Noah's sea-house.

I saw our futures laid out before us
I’d leave the dark fields for James’ invite
and go to the metropolis: a treasure island
under the multiple suns of spotlights.

But once I learned the city language
of coca-cola and golden-wonder
I’d forget how to read the string of leaves
sent by pigeon from my sick, shrinking mother.
The little green tongues calling Hazel for 'C',
Furze for 'O', Vine for 'M', Oak for 'E'.

poem by Isabel Galleymore; reprinted with permission of the poet.