Angéline Neveu Has Died

Quebec writer Robert Smith contributed this obituary notice:

Angéline Neveu (1946-2011), a poet and performer, had been active since the sixties in France. She had been one of the eleven ''Enragés'' students at the Université de Nanterre, who had instigated the May 1968 revolution in France, which had culminated in a general strike. She was involved in the Situationniste movement.
This was followed by a period during which texts, music and images were entwined through the creation of books, the delivery of public readings and performances, including in the Polyphonix festivals in Europe, in New York City in 1979 and in Quebec City in 1990, as well as numerous reading performances at the Centre Georges-Pompidou, at the Musée national d’art moderne in Paris and performance events organized by Jean Dupuy in New York City in the loft of Georges Maciunas, the founder of Fluxus.

From 1979 to 1984, she created and managed the “Unfinitude” collection, a series of copy art books developed by various contemporary artists whose works are presented at Beaubourg. She was also the author of a continuous collection of object books. So far, ten of her anthologies have been published: Synthèse (Édition du Surmodernisme, 1976), Lyrisme télévisé (Éditions de la Nèpe, 1980), Rêve (Loque, 1982), Je garderai la mémoire de l’oubli (Éditions Artalect), Désir (Centre national Georges-Pompidou, 1985), Le vent se fie au vent (1994), Éclat redoublé (2002) and Âme sauvage (2004) is a trilogy published with Écrits des Forges. She worked with musicians Gilbert Artman (Urban Sax) and Jac Berrocal. The sound recordings of the performances were published with Giorno Poetry System and Artalect. A two hour documentary radio program about her work directed by Éric Letourneau was produced on the French airwaves of Radio-Canada.

She struggled with cancer for the last few years of her life in Montreal. Finally, on October 25, 2011, she succumbed to liver cancer.  


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