The End Of Summer

British Summer (if not British Summer Time) ends tomorrow, as Autumn begins.  According to the latest BBC news on radio 4, the week ahead will actually warm up to mid-20s Celsius - so, an Indian Summer, then.  The last fortnight has been generally miserable, weatherwise - a wash-out of rainy days and unsunny skies.  Meanwhile, the world has been gloomy economically, and otherwise.  One small silver lining - there appears to have been no major air disaster in August - which, given the fact this is the busiest month for flying - is an achievement.  Eyewear looks forward to the start of the new term.  Sharp new pencils.  Clean new Silvine Excercise books.  Poetry readings.  Launches.  Crisper air.  Pumpkins.  Poppies on lapels.  Christmas parties.  And then a new year.  It all starts tomorrow.  Today, grab that BBQ and ball cap and have yourself a last fling of summer.


Anonymous said…
I thought summer ends september 20 something? Was reading Michael Hamburger put a dampener on the month of August in WG Sebalts 'Rings of Saturn' by saying it's the month when everyting rots gaudy on its branch but I'm not sure it's the fall yet. Or are you talking about the summer holidays being done with? If so it don't signify alot to those beyond the walls of the Academy.
According to the BBC, summer ends, culturally, in the UK, the last day of August.

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