The Rialto Autumn 2010

Nathan Hamilton's ongoing exploration of young British poets has its second iteration in the Autumn 2010 issue of The Rialto, one of the UK's best poetry magazines.  Part Two of "Look Out" introduces poems by Paul Batchelor, James Brookes, Tim Cockburn, Swithun Cooper, Emily Critchley, Andrew Fentham, Charlotte Geater, Matthew Gregory, James Harrison, Emily Hasler, Luke Heeley, Ian Heames, Agnes Lehoczky, James Midgeley, Beverly Nadin, Eileen Pun, Sam Riviere, Marcus Slease, Ben Stainton, Tom Warner and Thomas Yates.  I had read the work of perhaps half of these - Cooper, Gregory, Heeley, Riviere, Warner, Lehoczky, Brookes, Geater, Hasler and Midgeley were especially on my radar.  Glad to learn of the work of the others.  Hamilton's intro is valuable as it explores various sorts of approaches to contemporary poetry, and discusses the stylistic hybridity of the younger poets.  Unfortunately, the essay is a bit undermined by typos (Don Patterson?).  Still, all interested in where British poetry is going should read this issue.  I look forward to the third (final?) selection.


James Midgley said…
Typos indeed! My name's Midgley, no extra e! In the last issue I think they even managed to spell Nathan's name incorrectly on the front cover.
Tim Cockburn said…
Both of his names, James, it read Natham Hamliton.