New Poem by Peter Oswald

Eyewear is very glad to offer readers a new sonnet by Peter Oswald.  It's very beautiful, I think.


She’s somewhere in the house. I will not go
To find her, right now. Let her be alone,
We will meet later, so I can be slow,
Not even bother with the phone,
Or shrieking of a child or animal,
Unless insistent. I will often stir
For no good reason, she is beautiful,
Focus my vacant gaze to look for her,
As if love was a novel I was loving,
Left in the wrong place, under towels or something,
And it concerns me, it will tell my ending,
Like a sky full of fires. But for the time being,
Let her be everywhere, fill all the rooms
With various possible sweet and bitter dooms.

poem by Peter Oswald; published with permission of the author.


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