New Poem by Philip Gross

Eyewear is very fortunate today to be able to celebrate its 5th anniversary month with an unpublished poem by TS Eliot winner for this year, Philip Gross.

Switching On The Collider

And what if the click of that switch
            (Did you notice the date:
            10.09.08… like a countdown?)
had thrown us
                        the universe
      into reverse?

If we were surfing backwards,
            the crest of the wave
            refurling into itself,
would, or rather
                         could we know
      as every cell reverts?

We’d have to say this in Aymaran 
            (the past, they figured
            as before them,
the future
                        a vague whispering
behind). Reeling back

to the moment we met (Yes,
            this is a love song
            that starts with the End)
would we be possessed
                        by an almost
inkling we’d already known

a life together… which,
            come to think of it,
            was precisely what
we did feel
into recognition, each of each, ten years ago?

for ZĂ©lie


Phil Brown said…
The more I read this, the more I realize how damn good it is.