Let Them Sail

The ongoing odyssey of incompetence and arrogance at the top of BP has become incredible to behold.  And a reminder of how "big people" just don't give a brass darn about the small people of the world.  It explains a lot about British establishment culture - explains how Blair can swagger about after Iraq, and why, no matter what anyone says or does, the upper elites get away with virtual murder.  Tony Hayward should be the most hated man in Britain, not just America - his insouciance is appalling.  But then again, this is the nation that accepts nil-nil results from its playboy players.  What went wrong?  Why no revolution?  And now, wait for the budget on Tuesday.  More small people about to bear the brunt.


Unknown said…
nail on the head here - the world's crises, including war, environmental destruction, structural violence, often are the result of "big people" and their sense of entitlement, but also the continued belief, among the little people, in power-over rather than nurturing power-from-within.

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