New Poem by John Redmond

Eyewear is very pleased to publish a new poem by Irish poet John Redmond today, as part of its 5th anniversary celebrations this June.  Dr Redmond is the author of one of the best guides to creative writing I know - How To Write A Poem - a hugely imaginative manual.  He also recently published a very original and satisfying collection of poems from Carcanet, MUDe.

Rogue Lock

Such a door
to rebuff me — with a hint
in its knots
of obversity.
Towards my glittering bunch
tremendous oblong
sprang from the wood.
The lock was rogue.
Master after master

froze. Frustration
rang for corridors
as I blundered towards
the final key: one
with a sleepy-eyed
and solemn look
like me.
I pushed him in.
Scratches rose
on my skin.
As the whole bunch

roared encouragement,
and rich, outrageous
churned the grain,
I tested it,
and twisted it.
But such a door!
It snapped my proxy off
and swallowed him.

When I knelt my eye
to the eye of the obstacle,
my little self
could not be seen. But
in the bloody
keyhole walls,

a tiny door