Up In The Air

Forgive me thinking that the NASA satellite threatening to scatter deadly bits and pieces over populated areas of the Earth later today is an apt Damoclesian symbol for our current age - the Age of WTF.  We are currently living in a sort of limbo, or suspended state of emergency - bad stuff, or weird stuff, seems just around the corner.  Our world economy seems on the brink of a second Great Depression; environmental chaos looms; in the UK, universities and hopsitals are in breaking-point flux; societies are unravelling; and even the speed of light seems no longer to obtain.  I confess to being more than a bit anxious about what's to come.


Poetry Pleases! said…
Dear Todd

I was a bit concerned to learn that one's chances of being hit by this NASA satellite are considerably higher than winning the lottery. I can think of quite a few places where I'd like it to land but perhaps I'd better not name them!

Best wishes from Simon