900 posts at Eyewear. Why? And, now it's done, where to? 900 pages in a book, that'd be a lot! Somehow, though, there's ennui in this, a public wasting of energy. Readers will know I've begun to add more reviews, and work, by other writers and poets - increasingly, it seems uninteresting to focus on my own work alone (indeed, I have a pile of recent publications to announce, but never find the enthusiasm for it). Anyway, I've decided to keep the blog going a little longer, at least until the end of April.


Anonymous said…
Thanks for writing Eyewear. Bringing an end to it would mean the end of the Eyewear reader, one of which I've become! I recently told a friend about Eyewear, saying I read it for news about poetry. This to a non-poet friend, who I believe would find much of interest in these pages.
Anonymous said…
what ennui! maybe london is as rainy as paris & it is getting you down...global drizzle & all. don't throw in the towel, i will get terribly depressed. (and what the hell is this blogger 'word verification', when the word they give me is "uqwagrqm" - lovely to imagine what an ennui-laden verb that might be, were it a word.)

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