Tears in the Fence (Number 47)

Tears in the Fence. Is that tears, like crying, or ripping? Never you mind. Either way you say it, this is one of the best "little magazines" now operating in the British Isles - one independent of mainstream and avant-garde alike - or rather, simply interested in whatever it deems interesting, regardless of hype or coterie affiliation - a magazine always open to poets from abroad (especially France, North America and Australia) and various styles and ways of writing. The editor is poet David Caddy.

I'd recommend you submit and/or subscribe. It's only $20 cash for four issues for Americans, and £15 for three issues here - or take the lifetime gamble, for a mere £100 (!). For American orders, contact Deane Laczi, 714 South 12th street, Lafayette, IN 479005, USA. Send other queries to Caddy at 38 Hod View, Stourpaine, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 8TN.

Issue 47 has reviews of Giles Goodland, my new collection Winter Tennis, and Ian Brinton on Lee Harwood. It features poems by, among others, Joe Dunthorne, Chris McCabe, and Lisa Gordon. Tom Chivers has a fun, clever little essay on tattoos, Internet browsing, and making a "living" as a poet. The review of my book, by Alex McRae, says this, among other things: "Its range reflects the assured skill of a writer whose curiousity leads readers into strange and magical places."
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