Summer Reading

There are dozens of books you no doubt want to read, or should read, from Rexroth's One Hundred Poems From The Japanese to Lee Child's Nothing To Lose.  So be it, that's what summer is for.  Do it your way.  Enjoy the unlimited stretch of the open read.  But if you hanker after something utterly important for an understanding of The British Poetry Revival, as it was called, edited by a brilliant poetry critic, then do get the indispensable Andrew Crozier Reader.  It's something I have been dipping into of late, and will be again. I think it's a book we all need to own and get to know.  Toss into that list of books for the smart beach The Restructure by Chris McCabe, Out of Bounds: British Black and Asian Poets, and Tales of the Buckman Tavern by Ben Mazer, one of the most dizzyingly prolific and flamboyant American stylists of the moment, a dardevil mix of Delmore Schwartz and David Gascoyne.  I have been thoroughly enjoying the new Donald McGrath book, The Port Inventory, one of the finest collections by a Canadian in recent memory, in terms of wit and emotive precision, observed detail and storytelling brio.


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