Crashaw Not For Canada?

Commonwealth?  Not, apparently, for Salt's esteemed Crashaw Prize.... check out the rules, as below:

"The Crashaw Prize is an international annual prize for a first collection of poetry. Entrants must not have been published before, and must permanently reside in the UK & Ireland, the USA, or Australia & New Zealand. For more information please visit:"

Eyewear wonders why Canada, or indeed, South Africa, are excluded from this otherwise rather inclusive list of countries... might be an oversight worth correcting with a new poetry lens.


That does seem odd, Todd. I'm sure Roddy Lumsden can shed some light on this.
Doesn't seem inclusive to me. What about all the Caribbean, African and Asian countries that are notably Anglophone / commonwealth?

The criterion must be something else. Markets where Salt have local distributors, maybe?
btw , the detailed terms and conditions say that the author must be resident in the UK, Ireland or the USA.
Andrew Shields said…
Michael's right: I asked Chris Hamilton-Emery about this, and he said it had to do with distribution.

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