This Charming Man

Tory leader David Cameron (pictured) appeared today on the classic (BBC) Radio 4 show, Desert Island Discs. Famously, Mr. Cameron is trying to revive the Conservatives by leading them away from the unfriendly opinions of their majority of "crusty old Majors" - into a land of hip, young families with windfarms on top of their affordable housing.

Mr. Cameron almost has my vote, after he selected several of my favourite songs as his favourite songs too...

A live version of "Tangled Up in Blue", The Smith's "This Charming Man", Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees", something by REM so obscure it must have been suggested by a spin-doctor, and a rousing anthem from the hot new Mormon-led band, The Killers.

He isn't much of a reader, though, as he selected a cook book for his one read (he already has Shakespeare and The BIble, though) - and his luxury, booze. Perhaps he should have selected The Collected Works of Rachel Carson, and a recycling bin, to really win us over.


Jack Ruttan said…
Don't trust them conservatives!

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