Keystone Kuts

Dr. Rowan Williams, fresh from feeling uncomfortable with Obama for killing Osama, has now announced that the Coalition is undemocratic, because it is doing things to education, health and so on no one voted for.  I suppose the same argument can be made about any government that responds to events (dear boy) and makes decisions, and hence, that's actually what democracy is, electing people to go out and make the tough choices - but actually, Dr. Williams (not known for making tough decisions himself) is right about one thing - this is a Keystone Kuts kind of government.  Sure, they are decisive and vicious, but they are also bottlers, who "U-Turn" (are you tiring of this phrase and its baby sister, climb-down?) at the drop of a Ken Clark bon mot.  Punishment?  No 50% time off for confessing rapists, after all.  Education?  Ooops, we may have to cut student places after all.  Health?  Umm, well, we listened, and we won't really be doing that after all.  This is a government listing more than listening, a stammering series of gaffes, rethinks, and policy deviations.  It is a pathetic hodge-podge, and I hope it gets tossed out in 2015.  Long time to wait.

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