Is British Poetry Really British Drama?

Eyewear has decided it is important to post this following message, which was forwarded to me by many different respected poets in Britain yesterday, in several similar forms; it seems that this is a simple democratic push for transparency and is not motivated by personal grudges or malice:

"You've probably seen recent reports in the Evening Standard, The Sunday Times, and today's Guardian about the dreadful current situation at the Poetry Society, where President, Director, and Finance Officer have all resigned due to the behaviour of the Board. The Board has consistently refused to answer questions despite repeated requests and letters, regardless of signatories etc.

The next step is to push for an EGM in which members can attend, hear what has been happening, ask questions and vote on an appropriate motion/resolution. This is necessary before any further and lasting damage is done to the Society.

Kate Clanchy has already collected 170 signatures and I'd urge as many of you as possible, if you're PS members, to add your name to her list, contact below, and please do urge anyone on your own lists to add their names. It's hoped as many as possible will turn out to the meeting. And I look forward to seeing lots of you there...
Here's the Requisition.
We the undersigned, being 10% of the membership of the Poetry Society, require the Board to hold an Extraordinary General Meeting to discuss the recent resignations of the Director, the President and the Finance Officer of the Society.  
Please email Kate at to add your name to the petition. She'll add your address to her update list and keep you informed of progress."
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