Eyewear Is Six!

Well, here we are.  Six years on, the little blog that could keeps chugging along.  It's a bit antiquated now, this blogging thing.  Facebook updates, tweets, and god-knows-what-else, all seem to have replaced blogs.  Tin cans and string may be next.  Anyway, I never planned this to last so long, over thousands of posts, many of them from guest bloggers and poets from across the world.

What keeps me going?  Firstly, the world keeps happening, and the news remains fascinating on any given day; secondly, poems and poetry face new perils and new prospects in the face of a technologically-driven society that both welcomes "content" but skews more and more to games and freely-downloaded songs and podcasts.  The media is more and more going for audiovisual content, not text, though texting continues to be attractive.  And poetry, of course, can do audiovisual, when it wants; thirdly, life keeps throwing out its challenges, and I find this a good space to, however obliquely, refer to those, too.  Having faced depression and illness, coping with a variety of other family issues, well, there's a need for expression; fourthly, I like to commemorate the dead, and note their passing, when I can.

Finally, this is the best way I know how to reach and share with other poets and writers, and keep them abreast, in a little way, about what things can get noticed in this bit of England.  Do I love Eyewear?  No, it is a burden.  But it is sometimes fun.  I wish I had more readers and more readers comments; and more time to send out and edit book reviews.  Otherwise, it seems okay.  Can I promise six more years?  No.  Maybe we'll try and make it 7 years.  If you keep looking.

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