Stock Still Bond

The news that Bond 23 has been delayed "indefinitely" while MGM gets its financial house in order (or not) is both good and bad news, Eyewear thinks.  On the one hand, the culturally significant British franchise is now (for better and worse - it glamorises evil; but also sends up evil and glamour) a part of the calendar, and to see it just peter out would be sad (it needs to go out with an exploding oil rig, underwater domed HQ, or erupting volcano).  On the other, the Craig series has run out of steam, and needs retooling anyway.  The Bourne trilogy demanded a response, and Bond answered, with a similar aesthetic - but an angry, avenging Bond - very Old Testament, to Brosnan's smiling New Testament Bond.

This back to fundamentals was intriguing, but quickly lost fuel, in its second installment, with a bizarrely underwhelming climax in an eco-friendly hotel.  It seems time for a new Bond - one either younger (like the new Doctor Who) and more 21st century; or a more retro Bond (as Tarantino had suggested, set them in the 60s) - or, perhaps most compellingly, a black Bond (see The Wire for an idea of who they might cast).  I think Clive Owen has lost his shot at the role.  But there are several others who might get the series back on track.  Fiennes the younger?  We need a less dark, less post-9/11 Bond.  The new decade demands more of a Cleggish Bond, in fact - positive, Eurocentric, monogamous but with a past.

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