Salt and Bank

Salt is an important British publisher of poetry and poetics - and Eyewear has reviewed some of their books, happily (more pending).  So, what's going on with this rumour, circulated on blogs the other day, that it has been "defrauded"?  What could that possibly mean?  This appeared at Canadian blog, Bookninja:

Aussie indy publishing sensation Salt has just posted this message via editor Chris Hamilton-Emory’s Facebook status:

"We’ve just had terrible news: Salt has been the victim of a fraud and our entire bank account has been emptied. We’ve not a bean left. The bank is now investigating. Please bear with us while we try and stay afloat."

What seemed odd was that Chris Emery's name was spelled incorrectly - and the fact the story was being broken in Canada, not the UK.  Can anyone confirm this to be true?  I have been removed (for reasons that remain unclear) from Emery's Facebook circle, so can't check for myself.

[editor's note at 18:39: having read comments from readers of Eyewear I conclude, that, sadly, this fraud is actual.  It is to be hoped Salt stays afloat.]

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