Good Friday

I was born on Good Friday, 44 years ago - and just barely survived, being exceptionally tiny, three months premature, the smallest baby on the ward, and one of the youngest at my size to ever survive in Canada - a "miracle baby" as they were called then - perhaps still are.  It was a fraught time for my parents, and of course, for me - and I am grateful to have struggled through.  Today, at a celebration of the Lord's Passion, I could not help but reflect on my good fortune, to have lived, at all.

Eyewear will be back on April 12. In the meantime, fellow eyewearers, enjoy the various religious holidays with your families, the returning light, and the sense of renewal in the land. May you achieve physical and spiritual health. Or, if that is too much, enjoy some chocolate bunnies. Nothing like a good egg hunt.

What's to look forward to in April at this blog?

A few superb new poet features; reviews by Christopher Horton, Ian Brinton, Abigail Curtis, and others.  And the usual entertainment, current affairs and poetry commentary that readers world-wide have come to know and love. In the meantime, do check out Eyewear's healthy back catalogue of posts.

For those so inclined, please do pursue the comic genius of John Hegley, whose line always comes to mind at this time - "If that's a Good Friday, wouldn't want a bad one".

And, yes, RIP, John Forsythe.  Blake Carrington was a big part of growing up in North America in the 80s.  Peace be with you.

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