Brighton Up

I read at one of the best poetry venues I've ever seen, on Thursday - Brighton's Redroaster Coffehouse. The audience was great too. The only challenge in the high-ceilinged old-fashioned coffehouse is that readers/performers face a wall-sized mirror that only the prettiest and most vain of poets will adore when trying to focus on their work and audience. But, once past that distraction, it's a must-go-to space for anyone heading that way. Sadly, Daniel Kane was ill, but happily he was replaced by British-Canadian poet Naomi Foyle, who read brilliantly from her pamphlet, Canada (Echo Room Press, £3). Her poem about the Toronto poet "Jones" (anyone recall him?) was hilarious. And finally, I was able to hear Carrie Etter read from her latest work. She was sensual, witty, and moving, in equal measure - she's a real fusion poet (able to balance the needs of the page and the stage) - and also a hybrid poet (merging the lyric and the experimental). She has a great poetry voice, one of the best. Her poems about 9/11 and her son were particularly striking. The night was co-hosted by Les Robinson, poet and publisher-editor of Tall-Lighthouse, and it's always good to see him.
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