Poem by L.K. Robinson

Eyewear is very glad to welcome L.K. Robinson (pictured) to these pages this Friday. Robinson is, as well as being a London-based poet, a significant publisher who runs the rising new small press, tall-lighthouse, which is continuing to grow, in the process publishing many new and emerging poets of real talent.

In short, he's a mentor to the next generation or two of younger British poets, casting about for a home for their debut pamphlets and collections, as well as being a serious, energetic promoter of poets and poetry.

But, he's a poet in his own right, too. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines. His first collection was winterburn, which was published by Waterways in 2004. His latest, second collection is you say it’s been good. Poet Helen Mort has written of this book that it "is a beautifully observed journey through night, winter landscapes and the contour of other people’s lives."


They say the view
from here is simple

beyond the window the land is still,
undulating, stretching to a distance
of summer grass or winter snow

and whatever the season the horizon
is nothing more than an artist’s
impression beneath a dome of sky

simple, yes, but in early morning
or the coming of night, watching
and waiting is far from that

there is always the unseen
movement of sound;
birds, mammals, insects

and on other occasions
at the edge of all this
a light moves across the landscape

a plane crossing continents
a boat pushing its way back into harbour
a car meandering back to town

something about to happen
in other peoples lives.

poem by L.K. Robinson

photograph by Chloe Barter