Poem By James Franco

Eyewear is very glad to feature a poem today from James Franco's new chapbook, a UK exclusive.

James Franco, American Poet


by James Franco

There is a surface
That we all make together
And the wild man
Seems to pop through

Like a line dancer out of step
And others start complaining
That he doesn’t know the moves
And he’s stepping on everyone’s toes.

There was a man named Mike
Who called my father five times a day.
You’d hear each burdened voice of the family
Shout across the house,

Daaad, it’s Mike.

At dinner my father often explained
That Mike saw demons.
They spoke to him,
He thought they were real.

I pictured a flaming blue being
Entering the dingy room,
And sitting by Mike
On the gray sheeted bed.

'Blue Being' is from James Franco's chapbook, Strongest of the Litter, and appears courtesy of Hollyridge Press .



Daaad, it's a garbage poem.
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Unknown said…
I understand your poem and I like it very much. Your use of imagery is strong, clear and clever. Thanks for this poem
Not James Franco said…
strong first stanza then it crashes and burns. for some reason I assumed Franco would do better. can't have it all I guess...

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