Not His Finest Hour

David Cameron, British PM, has been over there in the US of A this week, bigging down his role as a junior partner.  Not a history boy, Cameron yesterday talked about, on TV no less, how Britain was even junior partner in fighting the Nazis in 1940.  Well, maybe to the Russians, but not the Yanks.  As every schoolchild knows, or once did, the Americans only entered in 1941, after Pearl Harbour.  Instead, the 1940 war period was Britain's "finest hour".  I wonder, will Cameron also acknowledge that WH Auden is really American, and thank the States for loaning "us" Eliot?  Indeed, is British poetry, postwar, junior partner to the American stream?


Britain really was fighting the Nazis alone in 1940. The Soviet Union wasn't drawn into the war until June 1941, when Germany started its massive invasion. Pearl Harbor came even later!