New Poem by Peter Robinson

Good news.  Eyewear today offers a new poem by one of England's best poets, Peter Robinson.

Current Affairs


Convalescent, by the Kennet side,
I see two raucous geese glide
down to a synchronized landing
through scattered waterfowl.

Cygnet nests built under wharves
or pendant willows in a row
hold tints for the late spring’s
promises of leaves
in branches’ blurs, a greenish yellow.

A Fire and Rescue launch goes by
and, look, that Ukioe print
has a swan stood on the current
absorbed in waves of its headlong flow.

            RED LINE ISSUES

The streets are paved with takeaway
wrappers, strewn sheets, cans,
and posters for elections …
Then faces come up in the dusk,
each with its private memory
migrant to that point.

Sun sets on brick and greenery.
More distant faces come —
those who’d struggled to get here,
others that hadn’t yet made it
and those who have, uncertain eyes
at checkout till or queue.
            IN THE DRIFT
Feeling fragile, a memory of health,
my old self rehearsed
in piecemeal efforts at improvement,
I find unreal expectations
blight even what we do;
and stripped beds, ring-fenced saplings
of a biscuit factory park
derive sense from resistless drift,
the incorrigible makeshift
doing then undoing things —
as if the body politic
had to get its health back too.

poem by Peter Robinson

Robinson just published a signed limited hardback edition, English Nettles and Other Poems with illustrations by Sally Castle, from Two Rivers Press. Available from: 35-39 London Road, Reading RG1 4PS. £15 + £3 p&p.
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