12 Poets of December Now Online at Nthposition

The critical faculty of the poet, The poet's body, A rooftop in Marseilles, Soft as a dewdrop rests her sex on me & Slowly the moon
by Sebastian Barker
Girl, I have the words & Of uncreation
by G B Clarkson
by Sophie McGrath
There is no cure
by Shane Neilson
Milestone & Heron
by Gill McEvoy
Extended family
by Anselm Brocki
Tag & North
by Alex Pryce
Picture problems & Invitation
by Amy Walter
A rhyming reflection on the one-sided heritage of Eros in the Western literary tradition & Sweet-toothed
by Bethan Tichborne
Modern life II & Depiction of heaven as a virgin forest
by Virginia Konchan
Dockyard doomette
by Adham Smart
The illustrator & Swimmers in open water
by Rebecca Farmer
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