Did Poems That She Wrote Send Killers Out?

The news that an anthology for students in Britain that contains a "violent" poem by major British poet Carol Ann Duffy is to be destroyed, is alarming. Eyewear has long bemoaned the "nicing-up" of poetry in the UK, where some in government want "innovation" without pain. Poetry, friends, is not all fun and games - sometimes someone writing or reading does lose (or gain) an eye. Poetry, since at least Poe, has been disturbing - and even in The Bible, horrifying subjects are treated. In fact, if all books with violent themes or issues were to be culled from UK schools, none would be left, or few worth reading. This reactionary attack is meant to appear tough on the causes of crime, but is really just a dumb stab in the dark at that easiest target to wound: poetry (and by extension, culture). Poets, and those who love poetry, should defend this anthology, and this poem - and stop its destruction at the hands of Gradgrinds.
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